Painting Demo - survivor at sea!

I'm so excited about sharing progress on a new painting at the Leigh Square Arts Village in downtown Port Coquitlam tonight! The painting is one I have wanted to start for a long time, and represents a story told by my grandfather, of a voyage he made in 1910 aboard "the last three skysail yarder afloat", a wooden ship called "Aryan". The Aryan took 208 days to sail around the Horn from Philadelphia to San Diego with its cargo of coal, and was feared lost.

As a 17-year-old I attempted to write his story, which had been rejected by Reader's Digest (he wasn't a writer) but I too floundered with the facts and fiction of this intriguing salty tale. Maybe a painting can tell bits of it, decades later?

The demo starts at 7 pm at the Outlet, beside the Gathering Place at Leigh Square. I'll update the piece in progress!

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